Horticultural association of ghana

Horticultural association of ghana

The book presents simplified but comprehensive information on tropical Landscape Horticulture. It provides relevant information on classification, utilization, selection and establishment of landscape plants. It also devotes attention to turf grasses management and installation of water features in the landscape. Highly recommended to landscape horticulturalists and students in the West African Sub-Region. ISBN : ——2——7.

  • Financing and Marketing Horticultural Products in Ghana
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Integrate the youth in horticulture for sustained livelihoods – Ambassador
  • Compliance with GLOBALGAP standards among smallholder pineapple farmers in Akuapem-South, Ghana
  • Agriculture in Ghana
  • Ghana Institute of Horticulturists hosts 20th Annual Conference and Meeting
  • Strenghtening the horticulture export sector in Ghana
  • Fundamentals of Landscape Horticulture
  • Horticulture in Ghana for a brighter future
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Financing and Marketing Horticultural Products in Ghana

The mission of JHORT is to encourage interdisciplinary research in state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies within its areas of expertise. JHORT brings together scientists, researchers, students, academicians and industry players from all over the world who work professionally to upgrade status of human society by their ideas and research Potential. Ben K. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Current Issue Vol 15 No 1Published:Pesticide use and health risk awareness of okra Abelmoschus esculentus L.

Ghana Journal of Horticulture JHORT is a non-profit international organization that promotes the development and enhancement of research in various disciplines of food, crop culture and physiology, crop protection, diagnostic survey, nutrition, postharvest management, ornamental and protective horticulture.

JHORT persuades the research and development of innovative technology through excellence in education, research, service and practices. Through consistent services in research and development, this association successfully builds up strong correlation with academicians, scientists, researchers and industrial practitioners.

It is now esteemed as the brand name of quality and service among its peers. JHORT demonstrates a great interest in the nourishment of young scientists and their intellectual grooming. Make a Submission.

Investment Opportunities

Production of veterinary drugs, vaccines and chemicals, feed and feed ingredients for the livestock sector. The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Act also provides for automatic quota incentives and benefits etc. Please consult our website, www. Ghana is a safe investment destination. Guarantees against expropriation of private investments provided under the GIPC law are also buttressed by the Ghanaian Constitution. Some investment guarantees are detailed below:.

The Ghana Institute of Horticulturists is an association, comprising practitioners in Ghana's horticultural industry.

Integrate the youth in horticulture for sustained livelihoods – Ambassador

In Ghana, crops such as pineapples and mangoes appear promising because of their high labour intensity and the expanding demand for fruits in Europe. Notwithstanding, there is a possible trade-off between export and food crop production because of the possibility of resource re-allocation. So far the major concern of government has been the macro-economic growth in terms export earnings while the distributional effects and impacts on household food security remain under-investigated. The study focused on a household survey undertaken in the forest and coastal-savannah transition zones, where the farming system has undergone a transition from established food-crop farming for urban markets to an intensive production of horticultural products for export. Logistic regression and a semi-log function were used to estimate the determinants of household food availability and income respectively. Results show that households engaged in export horticulture are better-off than those which do not. Yet, the sole adoption of staple or export crop is not a sufficient condition for improving household food security. Household land endowment and income are fairly to strongly unequally distributed, with higher inequality observed among households engaged in the combined scenario.

Compliance with GLOBALGAP standards among smallholder pineapple farmers in Akuapem-South, Ghana

The partnership is focused at the agricultural college and is supported by the local subcontractor Holland Greentech Ghana HGT. By making the education at KAC more practical and innovative, the vision is to turn KAC into a Centre of Excellence for horticulture and an example for other agricultural colleges. Greenhouses Most farming in Kumasi is open field while in Accra there is a large interest in greenhouses and protected horticulture. HGT Ghana has expertise in both areas and brings this to the implementation of the partnership. TU Delft, KAC and KBI have introduced a 4-month training course delivered at KAC with a focus on practical skills in entrepreneurship and horticulture for participants and jobs in the horticultural sector.

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Agriculture in Ghana

The extent of success is even much critical for enterprises. Therefore this study establishes the factors which influence the intensity of export success which measures the extent of export success. Design- Primary data were collected from 52 managers and representatives of horticultural exporting firms through a semi-structured questionnaire. The tobit model was used to estimate the intensity of export success by horticultural enterprises in Ghana. Export barriers and constraints in accessing working capital negatively influences intensity of export success. Practical implications- Personnel or personal development in terms of training in export management and build up of experience is important in the quest to improve the intensity of export success.

Ghana Institute of Horticulturists hosts 20th Annual Conference and Meeting

The study uses mainly primary data solicited from randomly selected smallholder farmers. However, compliance is negatively influenced by age. This paper brings to bear issues confronting food safety standards compliance among smallholder farmers in developing countries, particularly Ghana. Jatoe for their advice, constructive criticisms and contributions toward the success of this work. Sarpong, Dr J.

Ghana National Association of Farmers and Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana which has been supporting the horticultural sector in Ghana.

Strenghtening the horticulture export sector in Ghana

With initial membership of 5 exporting companies, SPEG now has 30 active members. Check members list here. SPEG is a professional organized body with specialization in the export of high quality pineapples produced under good agricultural practice.

Fundamentals of Landscape Horticulture

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Metrics details. Climate variations have a considerable impact on crop production. For pineapple, variable temperatures and rainfall patterns are implicated, yet there is limited knowledge of the conditions and consequences of such variations. Pineapple production plays a major role in Ghana, primarily via socioeconomic impacts and the export economy. The aims of this study were to assess the impact of current climatic trends and variations in four pineapple growing districts in Ghana to provide stakeholders, particularly farmers, with improved knowledge for guidance in adapting to changing climate. Trend analysis, standardized anomaly, correlation analysis as well as focus group discussions were employed to describe climate and yields as well as assess the relationship between climate and pineapple production from to

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Horticulture in Ghana for a brighter future

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Due to poor agricultural inputs and practices and a lack of phytosanitary standards the horticulture export market has declined in Ghana. The project objective is to increase horticultural export to the EU and other high end markets through inclusive business and sustainable entrepreneurship. The outcome of the project is.

Watch the video: ARCHIPELAGO - Ghana: EC visit to the project: Horticulture in Ghana for a brighter future